Core Expertise in Moulded Tube Technology

Micrafilters strength is in its technology.  We have the expertise to blend various grades of glass microfibre, resulting in particulate holding capacities down to 0.01 micron.


Self-supporting and self-gasketing

Unlike traditional filter cartridges, Micrafilter tubes do not require additional support structures and are able to self-seal against the housing, meaning no need for additional consumables.


Borosilicate glass microfibre

Use of natural materials ensures large void spaces between fibres, meaning lower pressure drops, which results in less energy consumed and reduced running costs.


Moulded construction

A single moulded construction with no joins eliminates the need for several wrapped layers and seam welds which have been known to split under high pressure applications.


High temperature applications

Micrafilter tubes single moulded, self-gasketing construction prevents the need for use of glues and rubbers to encapsulate.  Therefore, in high temperature applications where wrapped or pleated elements would begin to disintegrate, Micrafilter tubes can be used, withstanding temperatures up to 150°C (302°F).


Chemically resistant

Unlike other filter elements, Micrafilter technology is extremely chemically resistant and can be used with aggressive substances such as those found in the chemical industry.

Moulded Tube Tech