Applications and Solutions

Micrafilter filter housings and cartridges are suited for use in a wide range of industries for many types of applications.  Micrafilter technology offers many advantages over traditional filtration methods with its ability to be used in high temperature applications and chemically aggressive environments as well as for general purpose filtration.

Breathing airAlternative fuels
Compressor inlet filtrationAutomotive
Emission monitoring and analysisChemical manufacturing
Fume cupboard filtrationCNG
Gas analysisCompressed air and gas
Gas and chemical filtration
Instrumentation filtration
Food processing and packaging
Liquid analysis
Sample analysis
Oil refinery
Stack gas sampling
Salt laden atmosphere
Power generation
Vacuum pump intake and outlet filtrationWaste disposal

Please find below a series of case studies, demonstrating how Micrafilter products are used within various industries and how Micrafilter are able to work with customer to develop custom products where there is a requirement.